Photo of a guide infront of a wall with various hand signs disclosing their meaning

The prototype of Dialogue in Silence was called “Schattensprache”. Focusing on silent communication it was presented for the first time 1998 in Frankfurt. Orna Cohen and Andreas Heinecke then developed this model further into the large exhibition format of today.

In 2003 they introduced the new concept with great success to the public in Paris at the “Cité des Sciences et l’Industrie”. In 2006 the exhibition was established as a first permanent exhibition at the Children’s Museum in Holon, Israel. In 2008 and 2009, Mexico hosted the exhibition at the Children Museum in Papalote. So did the DASA Museum in Dortmund in 2009 and the Finish science center in Finland. In Germany, the Museum für Kommunikation in Frankfurt presented the exhibition in 2010 and 2011. In September 2014 Dialogue in Silence became the second permanent exhibition at the Dialoghaus in Hamburg. Since 2015, Dialogue in Silence has another permanent venue in Istanbul, Turkey.