Our Founder

Dr. Andreas Heinecke is, together with Orna Cohen, Laura Gorni and Klara Kletzka, founder of Dialogue Social Enterprise.

Long before DSE was founded, in 1982, Andreas was a journalist at a German radio station where he developed the first work re-integration training for blind people. This project was directly inspired by Andreas' colleague and friend who lost his eyesight and had to be accustomed to work again. 

In 1988, Andreas became deputy director of the Foundation for the Blind in Frankfurt. It was here where he presented the Dialogue in the Dark for the first time (1988).  Andreas was inspired. He furthermore created the first electronic newspaper for blind readers (1990) and published electronic books (1992-1994). The very first permanent Dialogue in the Dark exhibition in Hamburg was opened in 2000. Over the years, this venue deservingly received its name as  "Dialoghaus", which in English means  "house of dialogue". Today, Dialoghaus offers most of the exhibitions & programs designed by DSE. Dialoghaus is also the home office of DSE.

Throughout decades of committed work, Andreas has won various international awards for his contributions.  He is the first Ashoka Fellow in Europe (2005) and a Global Fellow of the Schwab Foundation of the WEF (2007). Andreas has, with Orna Cohen, co-created Dialogue in Silence (2000) and Dialogue with Time (2014). He is an active speaker and publisher (TED, WEF, GSBS) and holds a professorship at the European Business School, where he teaches Social Business course, since 2011. He is teaching abroad, and serves as a board member and advisor on several international boards.  

Transferring his know-how and mission to the incubator of Dialogue Social Enterprise, Andreas Heinecke today still remains the driving innovator for new concepts and exhibitions aimed at overcoming stereotype mindsets by breaking communication barriers.