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Discover how DSE is making positive change for people who are too often excluded.

Read more about how our values, vision, mission, and goals empower people through transformative human encounters.

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Picture of Dialogue Social Enterprise's founder Andreas Heinecke

Dr. Andreas Heinecke is a founding visionary who has, together with Orna Cohen, founded Dialogue Social Enterprise (DSE). In 1982, right after his studies, Andreas started his professional career as a journalist at a German radio station. Andreas "met" blindness when his good friend and colleague lost his eye sight. Andreas helped him return to his work station, by developing a first work training for blind persons.


The DSE team of 2018 at their annual team event

Our team is comprised out of a wide array of different nationalities, age groups, and wonderful personalities.

Several of our team members are visually impaired. We thrive in our diversity and we pride ourselves because of it.

Our home base office is in Hamburg, and some of our teammates work remotely from Mexico, Italy and France.