Customized Diversity & Inclusion Programs

Detail photo of several threads of  blue yarn knoted to a pin that is labeled with "yes".

Dialogue Social Enterprise (DSE) is a worldwide operating social enterprise, driven by the mission to facilitate public awareness and social inclusion of disabled, disadvantaged and elderly people on a global basis. Diversity and inclusion are our focus areas.  

Based on its longstanding expertise, DSE facilitates curation, consultation and trainings for customized diversity and inclusion programs. We specialize in designing high valuable transformative experiences that generate changes in the individual, collective and even societal level. Our methodology is inspired by the theory of the transformative learning.

Our hands-on experience of more than 31 years helps us to design pragmatic outcome-based solutions with attention to cultural and demographic detail. The diverse and experienced global team at DSE brings a rich technical and management experience that ensures excellent program design and implementation. Furthermore we can rely on the support of our local and regional partnerships over a broad spectrum of organizations from more than 43 countries, from private social investors, corporates or nonprofit organizations to institutions such as museums and universities.