Why silence?

Photo of a female Dialogue in Silence tour guide communicating with the visitors in sign language

Silence is a synonym for calm and relaxation – an opportunity to get away from it all. It allows time for reflection and is perceived as a chance to concentrate on the essentials. It is of particular importance for those faced with making tough decisions and looking for new orientation in difficult situations. While the experience of not having to listen is enriching, the idea of not being able to hear is traumatizing. It is perceived to be isolating and a major constraint to ones skills and quality of life. Therefore, having to communicate and deal with oneself and others from a completely new perspective is unusual. To undergo this reversal of roles, one has to be open to facing new challenges and experiences.

Our facilitators, themselves deaf and hearing impaired, are experts in non-hearing perception and create a learning atmosphere of authenticity, empathy, openness and fun. It is also an opportunity to reflect on one's purpose and productivity in a safe, professional and personal space.