Picture of participants of a Dialogue in Silence workshop sitting at a table and solving a communication task.

Dialogue in Silence workshops, apart from Dialogue in Silence exhibition, show participants how to hear and listen in silence. The focus is less on how we express ourselves but on how others perceive what we communicate to them. The workshops foster openness, empathy and power of concentration. One of the outcomes is, that participants feel empowered to ask for feedback, question assumptions and verify that the messages communicated were understood as intended.

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Photo of a table with noise cancelling head phones awaiting the participants of a Dialogue in Silence workshop.

During Dialogue in Silence Workshops participants are confronted with various scenarios in complete silence. They learn hand signals, experiment with facial expression and practice body and sign language - thus discovering and developing their creativity in using non-verbal forms of communication.

Sharpening visual forms of communication can be very useful in daily business. This process of developing a new understanding and opportunities for more intensive communication involves more than just listening to others – one has to observer them, maintain eye contact and include gestures and facial expression. Undergoing this process leads to new self-awareness, new strengths and skills as well as new ways of interacting with others. People from all over the world have experienced our workshops.

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