MODI Back on Site

After the Corona related closure the MODI lab in Zug re-opened for the public.

Photo of the MODI Lab team in Zug: Estelle, Rassim, Mathias, Orna and Raman
Photo of Raman and Rassim explaining the Thread of Diversity, where visitors can link various statements concerning diversity with a black cord and by this create a new picture.
The tool kit especially designed as a hygienic measure to protect  our visitors contain a mask and a personal pen and pad.

Beginning of 2020 we proudly shared the grand opening of the Museum of Diversity and Inclusion in Zug. It was both the culmination and the kickoff for DSE’s holistic concept of MODI.

The first Diversity and Inclusion week was hosted last February. However, as most of the public activities, we could not continue on March due to the pandemic.
Six months after, from September 22nd to 27th, we were happy to be back on site. MODI was showcased again in Zug!

A Covid-19 policy and procedures were developed to insure safe and healthy conditions for all. Some adaptations were done in our exhibits methodologies, especially in the dark.

We are sure that in the post pandemic time, all diversity and inclusion related topics such as empathy, trust and overcoming biases will become more relevant than ever before. Sense of belonging and psychological safety among all must be restored in order to stay resilient as society goes through this crisis successfully.
We were joyful to witness visitors’ enthusiasm and confidence to be back on site too. People were willing to human encounters and learning experiences again.
We hosted company groups for inclusion behaviors workshops. We hosted general public as well as few school visitors.

If situation is propitious again, MODI will be back in Zug next month as well. Today, more than ever, we must develop empathy, embrace inclusion and stagy strong together.