The MODI Lab kick-off

MODI stands for Museum of Inclusion and Diversity. This concept came to theoretical life a few years ago, and since then, it has been running through our minds at DSE.

Mayor of Zug and Dr. Andreas Heinecke cutting the red ribbon

You can watch this trailer about MODI to gain more understanding of the concept.

MODI is the culmination of the Dialogue exhibitions created and showcased for 32 years. It is not only putting together all the Dialogue exhibitions under the same roof, but a perfect experiential blend of our know-how and enriched with learning methodologies to create deeper tangible impact on the topics of diversity and inclusion.

A couple of years ago, a project was created to open the first MODI venue in Switzerland. Last February 22nd 2020, we had the kick-off of the first MODI Lab in the city of Zug. We could say that the MODI Lab is a sampler of the whole MODI concept. It is an experiential aperitivo of the great impact we want to achieve in regard to diverse and inclusive societies. However, this first stage is crucial for us to walk determinedly towards the big goal.

The MODI Lab will be based in Zug with MODI weeks from February to May 2020. Different sessions are offered and targeted to diverse groups: general public, school classes, corporates or social organizations. The experience is divided into 3 stations: the yellow area or the Dialogue awareness stations where visitors can learn about empathy, measure how empathetic they are through the empathy quiz, increase empathy through an instructive video and share their invisible stories about prejudices. In the blue station or preparation to Dialogue in the Dark, visitors can play the invisible friend game to assess their knowledge about how to interact with blind people, they are informed about how to achieve a more accessible environment; they can play the building table of the casino for communication experience and finally they can go to the Blackbox and go through a DiD workshop. The pink area or the Dialogue action station is the last area where visitors can answer to some questions in a very creative way, they can assume some of the 6 empathy challenges, decide to support an organization for people with disability or take the Dialogue home with some postcard with topics and questions they can take home to discuss with family over dinner.

Here you can watch a short television coverage (in German) of the first MODI Lab in Zug.

The MODI Lab in Zug is supported by Marc Rich Foundation, Zug Kanton, Zug Stadt, Ernst Göhner Stiftung and UBS Stiftung. We thank all of them so much for their trust and support!

The next MODI week will take place from 24th - 27th March 2020 and we hope to host more local general public plus schools and corporates to continue MODI growing.