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Open a Dialogue in Silence

Dialogue in Silence is an interactive playful experience in total silence where participants discover a repertoire of non-verbal expression with the help of deaf and hearing-impaired guides & trainers. Participants enter an area of complete silence wearing noise-cancelling headsets, and experience an environment that helps them discover openness, empathy and an enhanced power of concentration.

Our facilitators, themselves deaf and hearing impaired, are experts in non-hearing perception and create a learning atmosphere of authenticity, empathy, openness and fun. It is also an opportunity to reflect on one's purpose and productivity in a safe, professional and personal space

How does the exhibition work?

The exhibition consists of a series of circular rooms dedicated to different aspects of non-verbal communication. All walls are specially constructed with a fabric absorbing sound to the best of effects, while providing a monochromatic background. The visitor’s visual concentration is not distracted and full attention can be is given to the hearing impaired guide. Each room has a name indicating the activity it hosts. In each room, the scenario is broken down into several short stages thus creating a sense of progression:

What do I need?

The standard modular exhibition includes 6 different environments and requires a minimum of 650-800 sqm:

As a team, you should calculate the following amount of staff for each open day:

* When »Dialogue in Silence« is presented in a museum, less staff is required since many services already exist.  

What is your idea? Contact us! We will be happy to explore the opportunities for your location.

What are the project stages?

Usually, we calculte from 6-9 months from the pre-project-phase to the opening oft he actual exhibition. However, each project is individual and depends highly on the already existing aspects.

1.     Pre-project


•      We study your project

•      We consult you on choosing a suitable venue/space

•      We support you with documents and products for your fundraising campaign (if needed)

•      We prepare the legal framework for a collaboration and partnership


•      You evaluate your budget

•      You find an adequate space for your exhibition

•      You sign a “Letter of Intent” that allows you exclusivity for 6 months to evaluate the feasibility of the project (optional)

•      You define the duration of the project

•      You sign a consultation & license agreement with us


2.     Preparation


•      We give you a “tour behind the scenes”

•      We evaluate your location based on picture material or on-site visit if needed

•      We provide you with detailed technical plans of the exhibition layout

•      We consult your design and construction company on the set up of the exhibition

•      We connect you with the local deaf community


•      You visit one of our venues

•      You define your project, taking into account the layout of your venue, your wishes and your constraints

•      You adapt the details of the settings and rooms according to the venue and duration of the project

•      You finalize your budget and business plan

•      You select the companies which will build your exhibition and lobby area (if applicable)

•      You define and select your local project team


3.     Production


•      We accompany you from remote during the production phase

•      We advise you on improvements and questions regarding the set up and construction of the exhibition


•      Your team or your construction company sets up and builds the exhibition and lobby area in the venue

•      You monitor progress and inform us about it regularly


4.     Training


•      We provide you with job-descriptions and support you with shortlisting the candidates

•      Together with you, we select the most suitable candidates, based on our experience and knowledge

•      We train the selected candidates and operational team via specialized training programmes on-site to become guides, welcome hosts, etc.


•      You advertise open positions / jobs

•      Together with our team, you select the final candidates

•      You organize all logistics for the training period, test run, and (soft) opening


5.     Opening


•      We support you and your staff on-site during the (soft) opening phase

•      We support you with documents regarding all operational routines of the exhibition


•      You open your Dialogue exhibition, operate it, and create a more inclusive society for everyone in your city!


What is your benefit?