First Dialogue Online Studio Workshop

As a response to the current Covid-19 situation, at DSE we have been thinking about how to diversify our impact, since at the moment in-person events are banned.

Photo of a hand holding a lighter, bringing light to the dark. Poste for the "Dialogue Online Studio - Light inside - facing adversity with a resilient mind".

Therefore over the last weeks we have been working on an online workshop experience. Of course we cannot virtually replicate absolute dark or silent environments as we do onsite. However, we worked out a workshop format where most of our USPs are present: the encounter with diverse people, learning through experience and interaction.

We created the concept of the Dialogue Online Studio as a conceptual umbrella that combines different online workshop versions, methodologies and topics.

We finally arrived at a workshop version that satisfied us. The focus of the workshop is on developing resilience. The workshop title is “Light Insight: facing adversity with a resilient mind.” It is conducted by blind facilitators. The core resilience message of the workshop can be summarized into three words: respond, transform and create.

Last July 17th, in collaboration with The Wheel in Ireland, we launched the first official Dialogue Online Workshop onto the market. 17 participants signed up. The workshop was facilitated by Pepe Macías from Mexico and Breandan Ward from Ireland. The workshop is divided into 3 chapters using 3 different methodologies: responding chapter (coaching method), transformation chapter (case study) and creativity chapter (teambuilding method).

The feedback from the participants was incredible. Check this one: “The session was excellent! The facilitators were brilliant, inspiring and really knew their stuff. The webinar was very interactive and utilized one to one breakouts, group breakouts, surveys, use of blindfolds (never done this in a webinar before) and one group even ran around their house collecting props for a challenge! A true masterclass in hosting online and interactive events and I think it probably worked better than being in a classroom as I wasn’t as self-conscious about sharing. I'll definitely recommend it to colleagues if it will run again.”

Who knows? Maybe this crisis brings opportunities. Maybe this is the kick-off for a new Dialogue experience to maximize our impact. Maybe digitalization opens new doors for encounters.

For the moment, we must stay resilient!