Dialogue Online Education

At Dialogue Social Enterprise we are very excited to introduce our newest member of the Dialogue family: Dialogue Online Education!

A recording studio with a cast in front of the camera and a blue background behind him.

As the name implies, this Dialogue is an online format, its topic is the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace, and it is the first time we are presenting an asynchronous learning experience.

With this new product, we aim to reach as many business professionals as possible, providing them firstly with a basic but robust understanding of disability inclusion, as well as a clear roadmap to initiate inclusive practices.

This course is a dynamic journey of learning, a unique 90-minute digital curriculum specifically tailored for business professionals, focused on disability inclusion in the workplace. This immersive platform provides engaging micro-sessions, each focusing on key topics through an array of methodologies such as reflective questioning, compelling storytelling, interactive games, quizzes, and more.

As with all our Dialogue offerings, the platform uniquely features interactions with real individuals living with disabilities. These encounters are designed to evoke a profound emotional response and equip you with valuable insights and resources to foster a more inclusive environment within your organization.

The course is structured in 7 modules which can be completed in a total of 90 minutes over a span of 3 weeks. As always, this course is deeply experiential. Starting from understanding inclusion and disability and how they also concern you, we continue the topic through emotional intelligence, appreciative communications, and accessibility modules. The course concludes by providing clear actions to initiate inclusion efforts immediately.

We invite you to have a look at the Dialogue Online Education website. Feel free to share with colleagues, current and former clients.

The course is available in English and German, and it can be taken from anywhere in the world.

Let’s start the journey together towards more inclusive workplaces!