Box of Exploring: bringing DiD home

Has this pandemic really triggered our creativity and innovation?

Photo of the packaging of the Box of Exploring in black with white print.
Photo of the content of the Box of Exploring: several smal black ouches labelled for example with "Nothing to see but much to smell" and "Nothing to see but much to hear"

Pondering that many of our adaptive strategies consist of going online, I wouldn’t be sure. Even our adaptive strategies at Dialogue in the Dark – on its great majority – are virtual.

However, there is an analogue refreshing exception by DiD Egypt: the box of exploring.

It is an interactive and educational game which focuses on using the other senses and reflects about the reality of others.

The initial idea – as usual in these times – was to adapt to the lockdowns and the prohibition to visit in-person places like Dialogue in the Dark exhibition. The triggering question was: how potential visitors can take a taste of the DiD exhibition home?

The box contains 4 sensorial mini games and it was created in collaboration with the blind guides. The materials and the design of the game are very nice and high quality. Watch a trailer.

When you open the box, you will find an introductory kit with a flyer with a brief introduction of Dialogue in the Dark as well as the instructions to start playing and a blindfold.

Then, you will discover the 4 mini games called “nothing to see but much to…: taste, create, smell and listen.

The game’s packages include all you need to use each sense. Furthermore, after the sensorial experience you can read some reflections and questions to deepen the game.

In the bottom of the box you will find a deeper reflection flyer which also includes a discount for the exhibition when it opens again as well as the possibility to book a virtual session with one of the blind guides in order to create an authentic encounter to deepen into the box of exploring experience.

The box is an analogue option which offers an interactive experience away from screens. It has been designed for general audience but also as an activity for students.

We congratulate our partners from Cairo, for putting the Dialogue in a box, ready to be taken home!