A Dialog Museum Frankfurt exhibition is awarded

The Dialog museum in Frankfurt has always been characterized for being a box of surprises for its visitors. And it has been no exception since its relocation last ...

Three women stand in front of the yellow " what's good" logo with their award
Three women stand in front of the yellow " what's good" logo with their award

"A Touch of Type: From Cipher to Code" is an interactive exhibition about the history of Braille, presented free of charge in the museum lobby.

"A Touch of Type" has been awarded by the German Designer Club e.V. in the category of communication. You can read the official declaration here.

The award was based on the question, "What is good?" and its motto was "Values." There were 180 applications for the 9 prizes in the categories of space, product, and communication.

The jury's statement says: “'A Touch of Type' is now dedicating a special exhibition to Braille for the first time. Historical sources and exhibits, current personal positions, and interactive approaches are combined in five exhibition stations. Digital exhibits, created in collaboration with MESO Digital Interiors, utilize artificial intelligence to achieve the best possible accessibility and inclusion. All exhibits are, of course, labeled in Braille, and a digital guide provides all content in simple language and in English via QR code. However, the focus is on the haptic, sensory experience: unlike in most museums, the motto here is: PLEASE DO TOUCH!”

"A Touch of Type" is a cooperation project of the Dialog Museum Frankfurt, Institute Designlabor Gutenberg/University of Applied Sciences, and DIALOG IN THE DARK — Association for the Promotion of Social Creativity.

Several factors came together for this exhibition to be designed by its masterminds, Klara Kletzka & Isabel Naegele: the many years of experience working with persons with disabilities, the fascination Braille creates among the sighted public, the declining literacy of colleagues with visual disabilities over the last years, as well as the fact that in March 2020, Braille was recognized as a cultural asset of disabled self-help by the UNESCO Commission and included in the list as an 'Intangible World Heritage.'

We are so proud of the Dialog Museum Frankfurt, not only for this award but also for its continuous innovations and for making the effort to always be a museum of experiences!

Do not miss "A Touch of Type" if you are in Frankfurt.