A café to feed the soul

Since traveling will still be difficult this summer, Vilnius has found another way to visit countries all over the world. And DiD will be part of this experience.

A woman dressed in white offering the Namaste greeting.

As most of our Dialogue venues in the world, Dialogue in the Dark Vilnius was closed for a couple of months. Lithuania, as many countries, had to go through quarantine. However, today the pandemic seems under control in this country and DiD Vilnius reopened on June 19th!

DiD is part of the Vilnius city initiative “Holiday in Vilnius”. Every weekend the City of Vilnius turns into a different country so that residents can travel around the world, even if only metaphorically. Some businesses offer special food, others will provide language or art lessons, etc. The purpose of this is both to give the people living in Vilnius a chance to feel some exotic summer vibes during these uncertain and limiting times and to support the local businesses.  

DiD Vilnius has designed a special temporary activity for “Holiday in Vilnius”. It is a senses café in the dark where people will find a unique personal atmosphere to experience different countries using smell, taste and sounds. The reopening weekend DiD Vilnius participated in the Indian experience, so visitors were offered spicy tea, mango lassi and traditional sweets called jalebi. Five blind guides made this Indian café in the dark possible for visitors.

Sanitary measurements are taken to ensure visitors’ health e.g., ventilation and disinfection of the areas after each group is leaving as well as assuring enough space for visitors. Despite this, of course people are still cautious and rather try to do some outdoor activities. After quarantine this behavior is normal. However, visitor’s confidence will slowly increase, particularly when they have the chance to visit DiD and connect again with others and with themselves. A touching example was this short meaningful feedback by one of the visitors: “This is a café to feed the soul.”

For the moment school or company groups are not yet allowed to visit Dialogue in the Dark. However, the experiential programs will take off again little by little, and next weekend the senses café will be opened. On the 28th it will offer a United States culinary experience. And on the 27th there will be the first post-quarantine concert in the dark dedicated to Saint John’s day.

Thanks, DiD Lithuania for inspiring and bringing hope to the whole Dialogue global community!