Dialogue in the Dark

    About Dialogue in the Dark Monterrey, Mexico

    A temporary exhibition at the ground floor of the Planetario Alfa - From December 16th 2017 to February 10th 2019.

    In this exhibition visitors will experience a unique learning in total darkness. It is presented by the Association Dialogo en la Oscuridad Monterrey. It is an amazing and funny experience which allows you to explore the world through your other senses. Discover daily life from a different perspective in this 45-minutes interactive visit to three dark areas. Orientate yourself, identify the world with the other senses, communicate and trust the unknown.

    Dialogue in the Dark is known as Diálogo en la Oscuridad in Mexico. Dialogue in the Dark Monterrey was founded by José (Pepe) Macias, Master Trainer at Dialogue Social Enterprise and social entrepreneur. Pepe Macías has a degree in applied linguistics with an emphasis in translation, next to being a teacher in organizational psychology and a coach certified by the International Coach Federation. With his devoted team, he primarily hosts’ business workshops and dinners, but also organize the temporary exhibition at the Planetario Alfa

    I am blind and my eyes don’t work. But same as being visionary has nothing to do with being sighted, my life motto became creating other eyes to see life” Jose Macias

    Open since June 2014



    Planetario Alfa
    Av. Roberto Garza Sada #1000
    San Pedro Garza García
    Nuevo León Mexico 66254

    Phone: +52 (81) 8331-1567