Open to Dialogue: digital resilience from Mexico

July has been the worst moment of the pandemic in Mexico. As many other Dialogue in the Dark venues, the site in Monterrey remains closed. The hopes for face-to-face events are still remote. Therefore, the DiD team in Mexico has been implementing different ways to stay resilient. One of them is “Open to Dialogue.”

Announciation of the Facebook Show "Abiertos al Dialogo"

This is an interview show which is broadcasted on Facebook live. The motto of the program is “looking at similarities in a world of differences”. The show is hosted by the blind members of DiD Monterrey. The objective is to generate encounters with members of vulnerable or disadvantaged groups and have a dialogue. The blind hosts inquire on the guests’ personal contexts, social prejudices and inclusion mechanism. The goal is to have the guest sharing his or her own perspective regarding stereotyping or excluding, as well as sharing advises to society on how to behave more inclusively.

The first show was broadcasted last July 14th, and the guest was Mahmoud Anuar, a blind guide from DiD Cairo. Subsequent guests belong to diverse groups such as gangs, LGBTQ community, indigenous groups, Buddhist communities and even doctors and nurses who suddenly become a vulnerable and even discriminated group in the country.

Here you can listen to the first episode (in Spanish). The show is broadcasted every two weeks on Tuesday at 9:00pm GMT5. If we cannot encounter on one-to-one basis, we still believe we can make diverse encounters possible through technology in order to overcome social barriers.