Jose Macias Pepe Portrait

José Macias, or “Pepe”, is from Mexico and this is where he currently resides. Pepe is a social  entrepreneur in Mexico, where he leads his own Dialogue in the Dark workshop center and exhibition. Pepe lost his eyesight at the age of six. He holds degrees in 
Translation (B.A.) and in Organizational Psychology (M.A.), and he is a coach certified by the International Coach Federation. He has been involved in Dialogue in the Dark since 2006. Since 2010, Pepe is  Dialogue Social Enterprise´s Master Trainer. He selects and trains Dialogue in the Dark’ guides and trainers worldwide. When he is not training, Pepe writes about news within our network of partners and remains a solid connector between them globally. Pepe’s hobbies involve reading and cooking for the most part, and his most important values he aims to live by daily are freedom, creativity and learning.