Ana Andrun Portrait

Ana Andrun, our PM Trainee, considers herself Croatian, Serbian and cosmopolitan. Ana’s background  includes nursing (training), International Relations and Diplomacy (B.A.),  and Public Policy (M.A.). After living in six countries and dozen of cities of the world, she now calls Hamburg her home. As a policy analyst, Ana is an avid advocate of multidisciplinary designs for bettering societies: effects of cross-sector policies on health, effects of art on our worldviews, and the effects of experiences on our mindset. Ana is inspired by working at DSE: a place where social entrepreneurship, art, and education are all fused into one.  She is DSE's project management trainee and exec. assistant to Andreas Heinecke. Ana’s academic endeavor continues as she is in the process of writing her PhD thesis in Health Policy. When she is not working or researching, she runs a small international artist collective, whereat she contributes with her photography and poetry.