Dialogue in the Dark

Dialogue in the Dark Vilnius, Lithuania

Dialogue in the Dark Vilnius, known as Dialogas Tamsoje, once located at the central train station in Vilnius right near the railway tracks, moved to a new location at Vilnius City center on 13th July 2017. This permanent premises were opened in former monastery close beside the well known and vastly visited Patras and Povilas church. It invites companies, organisations, educational institutions and groups of friends to gain new perspectives.

Founded in 2016 by Jurgis Jefremovas and Liepa Lieponė, the venue offers professional workshops about communication, leadership and diversity, next to educational and entertaining events.

Despite its young age, DiD Vilnius is constantly reinventing itself by testing innovative experiences in complete darkness. And the very first officially posted opinion of a workshop participant says it all: “It is a room of darkness, but it bathes in light.”

"There is no greater moment of self-fulfilment than to read a post of a local celebrity after one of our workshops: “When you find a chair with a white cane, you do not rush to take a seat, but search for another one for a person who is holding your hand. That’s what we call unselfishness“. He got it right! And that means we did it right." Jurgis Jefremovas

Open since November 2016



„Dialogas tamsoje™“
premises in Lithuania:
M. K. Paco g. 4, Vilnius 10309

+37 06 8263312