Dialogue in the Dark

Dialoue in the Dark Vienna, Austria

Dialog im Dunkeln, as it is known in Vienna, has been present in Austria since 1993, through re-ocurring temporary exhibitions.

In 2009, after the last short-time Dialogue had to close, the concept was adapted into a permanent exhibition and moved to Schottenstift, in the heart of the historic center of Vienna.

Since then, it has been run by team members who took over the operations. Every year over 35.000 locals, tourists, school children and other visitors come to explore the rich portfolio of special events and original initiatives the museum has to offer.

“I started working for Dialogue in the Dark as a student’s job eleven years ago. I have been ‘condemned’ ever since. Once you are running a social business, there is no way back and I am thankful there is none for me. Doing my job made me a better person.” Eva Kriechbaum

Open since September 2009



Freyung 6
1010 Vienna

+43 1 890 60 60