Tokyo, Minato-ku

Dialogue in the Dark // Dialogue in Silence

Dialogue Museum / Forest of Dialogue - Tokyo, Japan

Dialogue in the Dark was introduced to Japan by Shinsuke Shimura, and the first exhibition was held in November 1999. Over the next 10 years several short-term exhibitions followed until in 2009 the first permanent exhibition in Gaienmae, Tokyo was established.

Dialogue in the Dark has continued for more than 20 years as a "social entertainment" that allows people to feel the importance of human relations and dialogue, and the richness of the five senses through experiences in the dark.

In August 2020, the long-awaited Dialogue Museum opened in Takeshiba, Tokyo, as a facility where not only Dialogue in the Dark, but also Dialogue in Silence and Dialogue with Time can be experienced.

This is a museum that makes diversity come alive.
In the "Dark", where you can enjoy using senses other than your eyes, you can have dialogue with others being free from appearances and stereotypes. In "Silence," you use your facial expressions and body language, and enjoy dialogue that transcends language and cultural barriers. And in "Time," you will have a dialogue on how to live, transcending age and generation.

The "dialogue" that is born in here is the “exhibit”.

Established in 1999



Atre Takeshiba Theater Building 1F, 1-10-45, Kaigan,
Tokyo, 105-0022