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Dialogue in the Dark São Paulo, Brazil

Diálogo no Escuro is the name in Brazil for Dialogue in the Dark. Andréa & Luiz Calina are the driving force behind the project. After they got inspired by the exhibition in Holon, they decided to bring the experience to Brazil and opened their first Dialogue in the Dark in São Paulo in 2015, for 16 months. In 2016, another exhibition in Rio de Janeiro, for 10 months. Both venues received great recognition from the press and the public. The exhibition reopened in 2022, in São Paulo, for another 16 months. In 2023, in Rio, for 5 months. 

They are currently working in the new production, to start in the second semester of 2024, if possible. Fund raising is being done using cultural incentive laws, such as Lei Rouanet and ProAC São Paulo. The next venue will be a partnership with Circolo Italiano San Paolo, celebrating the 150 years of the Italian immigration to Brazil. 

Since 2017, Dialogue in the Dark Workshops are also offered in São Paulo, Rio and other cities around the country. They have a focus on Abilities & Competences and/or Diversity & Inclusion. Several important Brazilian and international companies have done the Workshops, such as Meta, Petrobras, Itaú, GE, Equinor, Oracle, PwC, Mastercard, Bloomberg, C6 Bank, Bayer, Société Generale, Catho, GPTW, Belgo, Barilla, Nespresso and many others. 

Be updated about Diálogo no Escuro visiting the website www.dialogonoescuro.com.br and following the Instagram @dialogonoescuro.


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