Dialogue in the Dark

    About Dialogue in the Dark Osaka, Japan

    Shinsuke Shimura, a social entrepreneur, brought Dialogue in the Dark to Japan in 1999. As a nonprofit organisation Dialogue in the Dark Japan, has today spread to Tokyo & Osaka. It is actively supported by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan; J-WAVE and TBS Radio & Communications.

    In his words Shinsuke, Founder CEO Dialogue in the Dark Japan, feels that "This (Dialogue in the Dark) is not simply a mock experience of the world of the visually impaired. Rather, I believe people can make new discoveries by sharpening their other senses in environments where there is no visual information".

    Open since April 2013



    Sekisui – House of Dialog
    Osaka, Shopping Area

    Phone: (+81)-3-3479-9683