Dialogue in the Dark

    About Dialogue in the Dark Milan, Italy

    Dialogue in the Dark is known as Dialogo nel Buio in Italy.
    Located since 2005 in the Foundation Institute of the blind of Milan, Dialogo nel Buio Milan, is one of the oldest and most well-established Dialogues around the globe. Rodolfo Masto, the President of the Foundation Institute of the Blind, took the position from Franco Brambilla, who originally founded the Dialogue in the Dark Milan.

    In addition to the main path given by the experience of the tour in the dark, the exhibition offers a wide variety of side events that enrich the offer:

    • Convivial: aperitifs, tastings and dinners in the dark -
    • Cultural: Theater, Escape Room, art of touch
    • Educational: thematic workshops for schools
    • Business training: training workshops and customized events for companies and organizations

    In the 2015, Dialogo nel Buio Milan was part of the Italian pavillon on the EXPO world fair. From 2020, the Milan exhibition also organizes interactive online workshops dedicated to schools and universities and training for companies and organizations.

    Open since December 2005



    Istituto dei Ciechi di Milano
    Via Vivaio, 7
    I-20122 Milano, Italy

    Phone: +39 02 77 22 62 10