Dialogue in the Dark // Dialogue in Silence

Istanbul Diyalog Müzesi Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul Dialogue Museum was established by Diyalog Sosyal Girişimcilik Derneği (DISODER), hosted by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Metro Istanbul AŞ. 

Istanbul Dialogue Museum* is an interactive and immersive museum that is delivered and performed in collaboration with people from disadvantaged and socially excluded backgrounds. The project explores universal questions around isolation, access, creativity, and human connection. The experience seeks to create tolerance and awareness about disability and difference.  By bringing people together around arts and culture and creating dialogue and sharing experiences the Museum aims to create a more inclusive society.  The Museum hosts a-four-pillar experience:  

  1. Dialogue in the Dark is equipped with exhibitions and events in total darkness where blind facilitators moderate the experiences of visitors.  
  2. Dialogue in Silence is an exhibition about non-verbal communication, where participants discover a repertoire of expression possibilities with the help of deaf and hearing-impaired guides and trainers. 
  3. Dialogue Café employs and trains deaf and hearing-impaired people to become baristas. This enables the public to have dialogue with deaf people as they visit the café and order drinks in Turkish Sign Language (TSL), with assistance of the unique assets and signage around them. 
  4. Dialogue Art events a place for artists from marginalised communities to share their stories through artistic expression. We collaborate with artists in creating an intimate forum for people of all walks of life to engage in thought-provoking conversations.  

*ICOM (International Council of Museums) member. 


"We feel so glad to open the DiD and DiS in Istanbul when we see the social impact that we create on both disabled and non-disabled people everyday." Hakan Elbir – President of DISODER 

Open since December 2013 



Gayrettepe Metro İstasyonu Sergi Alanı
Esentepe Mah. Büyükdere Cad.
İstanbul, Türkiye 34394

+90 212 2726644/54