Dialogue in the Dark

Dialogue in the Dark Dongtan, South Korea

Even in the deep sea, where it feels like you can't hear anything, there exists harmony of various sounds. Likewise, even in the darkness where nothing is visible, everything that we can think of, exists. This exhibition takes place in complete darkness, which cuts off the usual, physical relationship between people. It begins with the idea that true communication can be found in such darkness by utilizing various senses other than sight, in a familiar but unfamiliar way.

After successfully operating Dialogue in the Dark in Seoul for more than 10 years, DiD Dongtan is the second venue in South Korea opened by Younghee Song, CEO of N-VISION, a Seoul based social enterprise.

Open since 2021.



160, Dongtanyeok-ro, Hwaseong-si
Lotte Department Store 7F
18478 Dongtan
South Korea

+82 1877-6145