Dialogue in the Dark

    About Dialogue in the Dark, Cairo

    Cairo is the first city in the Arab world to host a Dialogue in the Dark exhibition. It was opened in the summer 2019. The local partner is the association for the blind Al Nour Wal Amal (Arabic for ‘Light and hope’). Tours for the general public as well as tours for school classes are available. A sightless visit to some of the more emblematic spots of Cairo will take you to reencounter with the other senses and to discover the beauty beyond images. Inspiring talented blind guides are ready to welcome you in the dark!

    Open since June 2019.



    قاطع شارع كامل خضر وشارع سبيل المؤمنين، حى السفارات‎,
    Nasr City
    Cairo Governorate 11843‎

    Phone: +201062695649