A photo of a vistor group in the Dialogue with Time room "Future of Aging", where the visitors are seated on circular benches, watching a video on enviromental changes needed to meet an ageing society.

In the exhibition Dialogue with Time, the audience walks through different scenically and colorfully designed rooms, guided by a senior citizen age 70 or above. Some rooms invite for personal and vulnerable exchange, whereas other foster play and a joyful atmosphere. They all take the topic of aging from a different angle, but always in a way you would not expect.

Dialogue with Time provides a total of six stations:

  1. Prologue – Aging is a Natural Process First atmospheric immersion into the topic where visitors can observe the changes a face goes through in the course of a long life.
  2. Dialogue Room 1 – Aging is a Personal Matter Game-based interactive station with senior guides where visitors understand that each person ages differently.
  3. Yellow Room – The Diversity of Aging A room where the audience gets an opportunity to experience age-related limitations which relate to the physical, sensory and intellectual challenges that can occur in old age.
  4. Pink Room – The Diversity of Aging Video installations in which an older person tells a short story and his wisdom, experience & passions and set a positive impulse to experience & deal with old age.
  5. Dialogue Room 2 – The Future of Aging A TV show setting where the audience looks towards the future and explores the question of how our environment must be shaped to address the demands of an aging society.
  6. Epilogue – It is Never Too Late This epilogue completes the experience where the audience is invited to interesting facts about age, aging and the elderly through a fun quiz.

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