Overcome Barriers

Photo of a man listening with closed eyes to his smartphone.

Barriers are omnipresent. In people's minds, in buildings, in the workplace and especially in technology. But any barrier can be overcome if there is motivation to know what works and what doesn't. Accessibility in the context of companies is achieved when buildings, workplaces, means of transport, commodities, technology, services, and leisure activities are designed in such a way that people with disabilities can use them without additional assistance. Participants will get an overview of solutions that contribute to accessibility. They will identify problem areas and develop strategies for solving them so that the inclusion of people with disabilities is not made more difficult due to technical or organizational deficits.


  • Gain awareness of the complexity of accessibility
  • Learn to identify barriers and how they prevent people with disabilities from inclusion
  • Explore innovation to increase accessibility and how it benefits the innovation thinking of the company
  • Recognize best practice solutions on accessibility

Duration: 3 hours  

Target Group: Leaders seeking to gain problem awareness and managers tasked with implementing inclusive workplace design.

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