Make it a business

Photo of a man writing something on a white board which is covered with post-its and sketches.

People with disabilities are the largest underrepresented group after women, and yet it is little known that people with disabilities represent a larger consumer market than China. Disability is further a driver for innovation, as demonstrated by the development of SMS, telephone and the internet to help overcome communication barriers for hearing impaired people. At the end of this module, participants will recognize the added value of employing people with disabilities in terms of the talent pool, tapping into new markets, improved collaboration among diverse teams, and opportunities for greater innovation.  


  • Capture the market potential that can be developed with disabilities
  • Recognize people with disabilities as an important customer group
  • Discover inclusion as a commercially attractive core business in combination with a social contribution
  • Be inspired by innovations in science and business that have been developed by people with disabilities  

Duration: 3 hours  

Target Group: Managers and junior managers

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