Lead to Include

Photo of a group of co-workers in a conference room listening to a man standing in front of them. One woman of the group sits in a wheelchair.

Managers are the compass when it comes to directional decisions and processes. Not only must they lead responsibly, but they are challenged to demonstrate inclusive leadership due to a growing diversity of people in their organizations. Leaders who are aware of their own biases and preferences actively seek out and consider other views and perspectives to make better decisions. We accompany leaders in their disability inclusion journey - going through a process of encounter with the self (dealing with emotions and negative prejudices), with the team (empowering and enabling team members for inclusion), and with the organization (pushing for systemic inclusion).  


  • Encourage self-awareness
  • Explore and reframe the leader’s emotions and believes towards disability
  • Champion job inclusion of people with disabilities in the organization and foresee the systemic changes needed to sustain inclusion
  • Co-create and develop the best strategies to enable and empower team members to effectively start and sustain a successful disability job inclusion culture

Duration: 4 hours  

Target Group: Managers

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