Grow Together

Photo of a young woman explaining something to a girl with Down syndrom.

Inclusion is not a foregone conclusion. If there is no previous experience in a team working with colleagues with disabilities, the preconceptions, fears, and concerns must be gathered and discussed. The workshop provides a learning space to find creative ways of dealing with typical tensions (e.g., between participation and performance) and leverages different perspectives to come up with innovative solutions. Participants will learn how to take responsibility as individuals and become more inclusive as a team.  


  • Foster openness to address fears, anxieties, and uncertainties
  • Break down mental barriers when interacting with people with disabilities
  • Identify technical and organizational solutions to create an inclusive work environment
  • Learn how to deal with tensions and unleash the creative potential that lies in differences

Duration: 3 hours  

Target Group: Teams working with people with disabilities currently or in the future

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