Choose to Include

Photo of a group of co-workers sitting around a table for a meeting, one of them in a wheelchair.

People with disabilities are deprioritized or even omitted in efforts to promote diversity and inclusion among underrepresented social groups in organizations. Reasons for this include misconceptions and lack of encounters with people with disabilities. This module is recommended as an entry point for a concrete approach to the complex field of inclusion. To initiate the inclusion process, we “meet” the participants where they are. Their own experience of exclusion, the right choice of words, and inclusive and exclusionary behavior in working with people with disabilities form the cornerstones of this introductory workshop. Participants will get an assessment of where they stand, recognize the complexity of the inclusion process, and start to discern what initial demands and opportunities might be theirs to pursue.  


  • Determine where participants stand about their own understanding of inclusion
  • Arouse curiosity and interest in knowledge
  • Raise awareness of perceptions, differences, judgements, and own behavior
  • Tap into the motivation to achieve a higher level of inclusion competence  

Duration: 3 hours  

Target Group: Human resource managers and decision makers

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