• Photo of a young man with Down syndrome and a young Black man with their arm around each other's shoulder smiling at the camera.

    Online encounters between people with and without disability to change mind-sets

  • Photo of a person with a white cane walking along a orientation system for blind people on the floor.

    There are things we have to learn before we can do them. And we learn them by doing them. (Aristotle)

  • Photo of three men sitting around a table, one of them in a wheel chair. While drinking coffee, they share something on a laptop that makes them laugh.

    An authentic encounter to foster inclusion

Dialogue Online for Inclusion

Fostering the complex process of inclusion of people with disabilities in the working force is the overarching goal of Dialogue Online for Inclusion. According to research the inclusion of people with disabilities is often hindered by the lack of encounter and interaction. Hence, creating human closeness and connection through digital dialogue is the challenge. With our new online program we intend to create an authentic learning space through the set-up of a platform where people with and without disabilities can meet and work together on common tasks. That’s the way how prejudices are reduced and misconceptions and assumptions are corrected. In consequence, security emerges in communication and human interaction with people with disabilities – from Screen to Screen in the online workshop, from Face to Face later as the implementation at the workplace.

In this way, we promote the participants' self-awareness, encourage self-reflection and develop inclusion competence for managers and teams. In addition to profound awareness of the potential of people with disabilities, Dialogue Online for Inclusion taps into the economic added value that can be developed by people with disabilities. The workshop’s success is based on direct interaction with people with disabilities in an online space. As inclusionists, they share their personal experience in inclusion with participants, which ensures a high degree of authenticity and create learning that can be transferred to the work context.

The workshop series closely examines the five dimensions of organizational culture using an approach that is dynamic, interactive, and highly experiential. The modules can be booked separately or as a whole.

Our Value Proposition

With Dialogue Online for Inclusion you create the conditions for a successful disability inclusion in your company. We accompany you in the process, are available as a contact person at any time and are happy to share with you our experience from 30 years of worldwide inclusion work. By participating in our online program, you will not only be trained and sensitized theoretically. You give a sustainable impulse, generate desire and curiosity for inclusion and build inclusion competence with high practical usability in your company.

These are our workshop modules

Photo of a group of co-workers sitting around a table for a meeting, one of them in a wheelchair.

Choose to Include

Photo of a man writing something on a white board which is covered with post-its and sketches.

Make it a Business

Photo of a woman and a man communicating in sign language.

Communicate with Appreciation

Photo of a group of co-workers in a conference room listening to a man standing in front of them. One woman of the group sits in a wheelchair.

Lead to Include

Photo of a young woman explaining something to a girl with Down syndrom.

Grow Together

Photo of a man listening with closed eyes to his smartphone.

Overcome Barriers

Do you want to take your companies' inclusion journey to the next level?