Moving Beyond Sight

Dialogue in the Dark Workshops

Dialogue in the Dark Workshops are, in addition to DiD program,  a part of our transformative learning experiences. As a participant, you will spend 2 to 3 hours in darkness, facing unpredictable situations similar to many business landscapes. With a wide range of exercises, as a business leader, you no longer learn from theory but from practice. Specially trained blind trainers create abrupt changes and unpredictable scenarios that you and your team will face and successfully overcome together in darkness. Our workshops are global. Are you interested in experiencing our workshops? Contact us.

Why a Dialogue in the Dark Workshop? 

Since it is not possible to use one’s visual sense, one has to activate entirely new resources, instincts and unused potential to reach a set goal. Darkness accelerates, amplifies and anchors learning processes. Some of the Workshops that you could do at Dialogue in the Dark include:

The benefits of the workshop in the dark are re-enforced by an extended time for debriefing, reflection and consolidation of learning. Returning to a lit environment, you, as a participant, share your experiences, observations, surprises, frustrations and learnings. 

Keen to do a Workshop with us?

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