• Photo of kids putting on noise cancelling headphones before entering the exhibition.

    An Immersive Experience in Complete Silence

  • Picture of s Dialogue in Silence tour group in the Dance of Hands room, where the shadow play of the hands is projected on a large round table.

    An Experience to Break Down Barriers

  • Photo of a tour guide explaining a sign language gesture

    Explore Deaf Culture

  • Photo of Dialogue in Silence visitors trying out sign language gestures

    Learn to Listen Without Your Ears

Have you ever wished to communicate without words, and to be able to express yourself in completely new ways?

Dialogue in Silence is an interactive playful experience in total silence where participants discover a repertoire of non-verbal expression with the help of deaf and hearing-impaired guides & trainers.

To explore this world, visitors enter, equipped with noise-canceling headphones, an area of complete silence. In differently designed rooms, they face a series of tasks through which they discover body language, facial expressions and other forms of non-verbal communication. The tasks, easy to handle for everyone, guide the visitors through a journey into their own abilities of expressions, until they use their own silent voice loudly and proudly for everyone in the group to hear.

The facilitators, who by virtue of their experience and their expertise in sign language are masters in non-verbal communication, show participants how to hear and listen in silence and help to change their mindset towards “others”.

Why is it so special and fascinating?

Dialogue in Silence enables a dialogue between hearing and non-hearing people while re-defining disability as an ability by showing the visitors a world beyond their comfort zone. The playful approach will make sure the profound experience unravels in a light way that everyone can enjoy until the rich and colorful world of deaf culture can be discovered in a dialogue session towards the end that is accompanied by a sign language interpreter.

Photo of a female Dialogue in Silence tour guide communicating with the visitors in sign language

Why Silence?

Communicating in silence

Picture of a group of visitors in the romm "gallery of Faces" where every participant takes place behind an illuminated frame.


Exciting journey in complete silence

Picture of participants of a Dialogue in Silence workshop sitting at a table and solving a communication task.


From silence to transformative learning

Photo of the Dialogue in Silence guides of Holon, Israel


Masters of silence

Photo of a guide infront of a wall with various hand signs disclosing their meaning


19 years of success

Photo of a vitrine displaying various plaster casts of hands showing sign language gestures.


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