Empathy in Care Professions

Hidden Heroes is a program inspired from Dialogue with Time for trainees in the field of geriatric care. Hidden Heroes addresses especially those who are at the beginning of their careers. Through this program Trainees and are approached in order for them to recognize the enormous importance of their profession. This further strengthens their motivation for their profession.

Hidden Heroes can also be used to reach young people who are in the process of making a career choice. Participants experience various dimensions of age and have the opportunity to try out themselves.

Hidden Heroes has three main objectives

   1. Diversity – Age has multiple facets

Developing greater awareness about the relativity and diversity of aging. Evolving consciousness about the personal approach how to cope with aging and life in future. Identification & breaking of stereotypes resulting in a changed perspective regarding “the old ones”.

   2. Empathy – Sneaking into the others Shoes

Developing open mindedness and empathy regarding limitations of old age, and learn how to cope with it. Reflect on the attitudes and behavior that may help to communicate and interact with aging limitations.

   3. Developing a positive Geriatric Nurse Identity
Raising awareness about the consequence of the demographic change and the understanding of the high demands for geriatric nurses. Reflecting the strains and stress factors of geriatric nurses in the present and future.