Diversity in Teams

Open Mind program deals with the inculturality in nursing teams.  Today, care sector across the globe is searching for new talent. While there are many positive effects from those new international people joining the existing teams in hospitals and other care facilities, there are some downsides as well. Often, the teamwork suffers from intercultural misunderstandings, stereotypes and cultural shocks. A big factor, as in all fields when it comes to the care sector, is time constraint, as any step that slows down the team or needs to be reexamined delays all team members in their task. As the working framework cannot be changed, it is important to highlight the surpluses of investing time into new colleagues and to understand their needs while integrating them into the existing team. As well, different perceptions of time should be understood. Extensive research has showed that some of the concerns areas for the nursing teams include language, cultural dimension of perception of work and lack of appreciation & empathy.

Learning objectives of the "Open Mind" include: