Social Enterprise

Set of Social Impact Catalogues

DSE is an awareness-raising social franchising company.

We are supporting organizations worldwide with the implementation of Dialogue exhibitions and workshops through our social franchising system.

We are creating jobs for the blind, deaf, disabled and disadvantaged worldwide.

Our drive?

Societal impact.

Our mission? 

-> Raising awareness about the contribution to society of marginalized people, leading to an inclusive behavior. 

-> Improving social economic condition of marginalized people, especially blind, visually and hearing impaired people.

Our global yearly objective?

In sum: "1 Million, 1 Thousand" 

That is, we desire to have:

-> Last year, in 2017,  700 000 visitors were transformed through or programs.

-> In the first half of 2018, 381 057 visitors came to one of our 42 sites across the globe. We are globally employing 637 fascilitators and guides.