How does it work?

Dialogue Exhibitions and Workshops are run worldwide by our licensees and partners. If you are looking into running an Exhibition on either permanent or temporary base, our team will plan the layout and concept with you, provide you with all necessary technical, conceptual and organizational know-how, support you with your business plan (if needed) and facilitate all training for your staff in order to enable you to run the entire exhibition on your own.

How do I become a partner?

Just contact us! We will have a look together in what way you could run a Dialogue Exhibition. If everything is set up, you will sign a contract with us and become a licensee. Our partners come from a broad spectrum of fields, such as science centers and museums, not-for-profit organizations, are social entrepreneurs, university members or exhibition promoters. The partnership is based on a social franchise and can last a limited period of time or on a permanent basis.

What do we offer?

What is your part?

How much does it cost?

Contact us to receive an offer!


If you are interested in launching an existing Dialogue programme, please click on the icon below to learn more about the specific product.

If you would like to inquire about the development of a new product that is specifically targeting your needs, please do not hesitate to write us an e-mail via or use our request form following the links below.


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