How does it work?

To leverage sustainable and significant social change via the improvement of marginalized people’s situations throughout the world, our programs are established worldwide. License Partners are provided with all necessary technical, conceptual and organisational know-how, as well as with training for staff.

How do I become a partner?

Our partners come from a broad spectrum of fields, such as science centres and museums, non-for-profit organisations, social enterprises, universities or exhibition promotion. The partnership is based on a social franchise.

What do we offer?

A modular exhibition layout
Technical plans and full documentation for the local exhibition production
Training of guides at the exhibition site
Thorough documentation for all aspects of planning & operations
Consultation services over the course of the project
Integration into the international network of Dialogue Social Enterprise 
Educational resources for teachers & students

What is your part?

Find a site with all needed requirements to welcome the public
Secure the funding
Follow and manage the production of the exhibition
Recruit all needed team members to operate the exhibition
Take care of the communication and marketing
Operate the exhibition
How much does it cost? Contact us to receive an offer!

Are you interested in launching a Dialogue Program? Please contact us via our email.

Dialogue in the Dark

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Dialogue in Silence

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Dialogue with Time

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