The Museum of Diversity and Inclusion Lab in Zug

MODI stands for Museum of Diversity and Inclusion, a concept developed by DSE where all the Dialogue exhibitions showcased for 32 years are blended and enriched with some more experiential learning methodologies.

Mayor of Zug and Andreas Heinecke at the opening

The first MODI Lab was kicked off in Zug, Switzerland last February 22nd. MODI aims to develop empathy and inclusion behaviors on its visitors in order to create a truly diverse society. The MODI experience goes through the awareness stage, the experiential stage and finally to the action stage where visitors can make a difference and practice the skills they just aquired. The MODI Lab in Zug was supported by Marc Rich Foundation, Zug Kanton, Zug Stadt, Ernst Göhner Stiftung and UBS Stiftung. More MODI weeks are to be presented each month untill May 2020.