Taipei and Kuala Lumpur Offer a Unique Concert in the Dark

Some weeks ago we told you about this dark alliance between Dialogue in the Dark Taipei and Dialogue in the Dark Kuala Lumpur. The new exhibition of Dialogue in the Dark Kuala Lumpur just opened few days ago. And as a unique launching event, the team of DiD Taipei made all the way to Malaysia to offer an exceptional performance in the dark.


Team Group Photo

Five concerts in the dark were presented from October 12th to 15th and 540 visitors could experience this performance. The DiD Taipei staff has worked hard on this experience over years. It is a mini musical which allows visitors to visit several regions of Taiwan through distinctive sounds, smells and touching from those sites. All is interjected with storytelling and beautiful voices singing familiar and popular Mandarin and Hokkien songs. The performance is not only about enjoying music, but this experience takes the audience into an entire sensorial active journey of a sort!

A marvelous team of 14 persons from Taiwan came directly to DiD Kuala Lumpur for the event. Eight Taiwanese blind team members were in charge of guiding the visitors into the dark but also they performed on the stage. Four more blind staff from DiD KL supported in the guiding task so all in all 12 blind persons took part on the event.

I asked Stevens Chan, DiD KL CEO, about his favorite moment in this event, and he shared, “personally it was the Charity Matinee show on Saturday where the Audience was a mix of Orphans, Autistic, Crippled and Blind people from respective Homes and Community Groups including some from the Corporate sector. It was such a joy for me to witness such a Diverse Crowd being included together in an event. Judging from their response and feedback the various groups of communities truly was impacted by the experience. I received many messages later from many of them especially the Parents who were accompanying their Blind and Autistic kids as this event encouraged and showed a Glimpse of Hope for their Kids i.e. that they too can be someday in the near future overcome their disabilities and be impactful in Society just like our Vis team.”

I also talked to Jessica Huang from DiD Taipei about their impression: “Jimmy Wang, our curator, spent a lot of efforts in making sure multiple cultures and languages were blended into the 90- minutes show- making it exotic and fun in the same time.  The team de-briefed after each show to make sure the next performance is even better.   We did notice that there was audience that came more than one show- we were confident that they were not bored.  We want to thank Stevens and his great team in Malaysia in making this dream possible for our Taiwan team. We look forward to more sharing with audiences from all over the world.

Here you can watch a video with some feedback from participants!

Wow! We are so proud to see this partnership working so well. Both parts put all their values in one single effort to continue the DiD mission. Congratulations to all involved in this unique experience and, well done!