New Exhibition in Town: Dialogue With The End

Our perhaps the most "controversial" exhibition yet is premiering in Bergedorf.

"Dialogue with the End" was conceptualized by Andreas Heinecke,  filmmaker Sylvie Hohlbaum and photographerSteffen Baraniak. It is a huge success which was not really expected asthe topic is rejected by many people. Why?  Well, death is a taboo, and to dialogue with people in their final stage of life seems emotionally too challenging. But, it’s not. It’s enriching. Dialogue with the End isa walk-through video and portrait installation. The interviews about basicquestions of life with people who are very old, terminal sick orwho have experienced near death are captured. The audience is going through a “forest of banners” where they can find the questions. Our protagonists from the video interviews were there, eager to discuss with the audience about the their impressions. After the dialogue , visitors can answer themselves some or all of these reflexive questions – and they may pin their answers on the pin wall. "Dialogue with the End" opened, on temporary basis, on April 11th at the Haus im Park inHamburg-Bergedorf. The exhibition was funded by Körber Foundation and Homann Foundation.