Light Inside: immersive musical in complete darkness

Sveta, a young tough and successful city woman, falls asleep at her grandmother’s house and wakes up in a land where light and eyesight are only known in legends. There she meets Timon, the free and easy country messenger, who reluctantly agrees to help her find her way back into her own sighted world. This is just the begining of Light Inside, a musical in total darkness presented by Dialogue in the Dark Moscow from august 26th to 29th. 9 shows were performed at the SAP Digital Space center. More than 1,300 guests enjoy this unique performance in the dark where more than 20 blind and low vision persons participated, 20 musicians and more than 15 other staff. Light Inside is a personal inner journey to remember the richness beyond sight. Darkness and especial effects made the public to enjoy a totally immersive and reflective experience.