Inclusive Chess Playing at Dialogue Museum Istanbul

Close up of chessboard with a hand ready to play

The Dialogue Museum in Istanbul has put in place several development programs for their blind and deaf guides. One of them is the chess playing program. 

Volunteer chess teacher Seçkin took the challenge: “When I started teaching at the Dialogue Museum, all I had in mind was teaching chess to the visually impaired but the harmony of the Museum made me face a peculiar challenge. I was supposed to teach both the visually impaired and the hearing impaired simultaneously. My knowledge of chess and my FI document (Fide Instructor) availed to nothing because I was face to face with a challenge that I hitherto had not come across and utterly unknown to me. Although I have had experiences with the visually impaired, I was inexperienced with the hearing impaired and it would prove quite difficult teaching both simultaneously. On the grounds of this interaction and change I have decided to learn the sign language. I have assumed a different perspective on chess, which I previously believed I knew very well. I had to develop an original method when I had no reference points. Thanks to the heterogeneous group that I taught at the Dialogue Museum, the experience I have acquired in time has helped me improve my method of teaching.”

Watch the video of the inclusive chess playing here! (Link to Youtube)