Dialogue with Time opened in Hamburg

Founder Andreas Heinecke and special guests cutting together the red ribbon at the opening ceremony

© Photo Jens Scholz

On May 24th 2018 the Dialogue with Time exhibition was opened in Hamurg at the DialogHuws. This opening was so special for us. Dialogue with Time is our newest exhibition which address the topic of positive ageing. We are convinced of its importance and power of transformation. We had setup this exhibition before in other places in Asia, Europe and Latin America, but it is always special to bring it home to Hamburg where our headquarter is based.

With the opening of Dialogue with Time, finally our 3 main Dialogue exhibitions are under the same roof at the DialogHaus in Hamburg. It took us around 2 years since we starting the funding. But our production team did a great job so in 3 months of intense production work the exhibition was ready.

28 senior guides – 70 plus years – started working in this permanent exhibition wich is supported by the city of Hamburg, Körber Stiftung Foundation, Homann Stiftung Foundation and Stiftung Wohnhilfe Foundation.