Dialogue in the Dark's New Tour Includes Smartphones

Dialogue in the Dark richer for new tech and exciting adventures.

Our very first efforts to “renovate” the classical Dialogue in the Dark tour have started. The DialogHaus in Hamburg is now offering “Smart im Dunkeln” (“Smarter in the Dark”). This is an innovative prototype-phased  tour in the dark, based on the use of smart phones and accessible apps in the dark. Nowadays technology is a common ground for sighted and blind persons. We all know how technology has transformed our lives. But, in the case of the visually impaired persons, this change has been enormous because of screen reader functions, accessible apps and software which have allowed blind people to include themselves better in all aspects  of daily living (education, social, leisure and jobs). In this new tour, visitors will be equipped with a smart phone with accessible apps which will allow visitors to interact with different elements of the dark exhibition such as colors, product labels, street navigation, written menus and more typical visual items. Visitors are asked a series of challenges in the dark which they can only solve with the help of technology and the collaboration among each other. So, if you are in Hamburg, do not miss “Smart im Dunkeln”/”Smarter in the Dark” this summer!