Dialogue in the Dark Monterrey Closed

Closed on February 10th, after 14 months of operation.

The exhibition of Dialogue in the Dark in Monterrey Mexico was
hosted by the Planetario Alfa – a traditional local science center -
that was interested on hosting an innovative exhibition which promotes
social inclusion and a new way of interaction within a museum. This
DiD exhibition employed 12 visually impaired persons as guides and
coordinators and received 40,000 visitors. According with Pepe Macías,
Director of Dialogue in the Dark Monterrey, this exhibition was a
turning point for social entrepreneurs with disabilities in Mexico
since the DiD exhibition was offered to Planetario Alfa as any other
exhibition provider trying to sell a service. And Planetario Alfa
decided to rent the exhibition not as a charitable act to support
people with disabilities, but because they really saw an added value
to their museum.