COVID-19, Empathy and the Dialogue in the Dark

With the Covid-19 pandemic monopolizing the world's attention, one word came to be used several times: EMPATHY.

Portrait of Luiz Calina

Besides it, collaboration, solidarity, unity and many others also have a prominent place in newspaper articles and quotes. These words are the basis of Dialogue in the Dark for the past 30 years. You can better understand the interrelationship in the article.

Almost 100 thousand people visited the Dialogue in the Dark Exhibition in our 2015/16 events in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and almost 3 thousand participated in the Dialogue in the Dark Workshop, held for various companies and audiences. Counting the previous assemblies of the exhibition in Brazil and the Brazilians who participated in visits abroad (Hamburg, Frankfurt, Holon, among others), we can think that more than 200 thousand people in the country have already been exposed to Dialogue in the Dark, in a way or other. In the world, there have already been around 10 million people, in more than 40 countries.

All of these people know that one of the most used words in Dialogue in the Dark is EMPATHY. After all, you are in total darkness, together with a visually impaired person acting as an exhibition guide or a workshop facilitator, who lives this reality every day. At that moment, you are out of your comfort zone, being helped by this guide or facilitator, being able to understand what that person's life is like. You can ‘feel the other’s needs’.

Here you can read the whole article of Luiz Calina, DSE's partner in Brazil.