Celebrate with Dialogue in the Dark Thailand

March 6th was celebration time for the National Science Museum - our Dialogue in the Dark partner in Bangkok. They celebrated 8 years of dark operatio

Dialogue in the Dark Bangkok with Logo and little messages from visitors hanging

In 8 years of Thai darkness around 150,000 persons have experienced DiD. Around 200 job places have been created as a result of the DiD exhibition. DiD Thailand is rated 15 among 150 attractions in trip advisor Thailand. And the NSM has done a big operational effort keeping the exhibition opened for 364 days per year.

During the celebration, there were speeches from former NSM President and current NSM President on why DiD was brought to Thailand and the future of the exhibition. There was also a very interesting presentation called “visitors’ experience on Dialogue in the Dark Thailand” where representatives of each visitors group shared their experience: university visitors, corporate visitors, family visitors and blind DiD guides.